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Art Room

The House’s art studio, complete with easels and other necessities of artistic endeavor, is located in the basement under A-entry. Provided that sufficient student interest is shown, informal classes will be arranged throughout the year. Access is available through the Building Manager’s office. Keep an eye out on the Eliot e-mail list for information on the studio.


The E-14 Classroom is frequently used for seminars/tutorials held in the house. The Memorial Dining Room can also be reserved for larger class meetings. There is also a small seminar room under L-entry (T-29) that can used for private study or reserved for classes through the website. The A-entry Seminar room (T-2) is also used by Eliot House students for evening study.

Computer Room

In the basement of B-entryway, accessible through A and C-entries, the computer lab is equipped with three IBM desktops, two Apple IMacs, a color flatbed scanner and a laser printer. You can add balance to your printing account via Termbill or Credit Card (go to http://papercut.fas.harvard.edu). It is possible to print to the lab printer directly from your computer. Read more about this and report lab problems at http://www.fas-it.fas.harvard.edu or call 5-9000.

Dance Studio

A wonderful practice space, the dance studio comes complete with a mirrored wall (and, strangely enough, a pole). It is available to both individuals and larger groups, and it hosts occasional dance and yoga classes. The Dance Room is located in the basement between C and D-entries. The key is available from the Superintendent's Office.

F.O. Matthiesen Room

The Matthiessen Room, located in C-11, is named in memory of Eliot House’s first Senior Tutor, F.O. Matthiessen (1902-50), a distinguished scholar of English and American literature, a social activist, and a political thinker. The room contains 1700 volumes from Matthiessen’s professional library as well as most of his manuscripts. In addition, the collection includes books and manuscripts by a number of his contemporaries including T. S. Eliot, Perry Miller, Theodore Spencer, Wallace Stevens, and William Carlos Williams. The room’s holdings are available for research purposes to Eliot House students of American literature and culture. Prof. Kevin Van Anglen is keeper of the room

Golden Arm

Located in the basement of F entryway, The Golden Arm is Eliot's best movie watching space. Screenings are held regularly (watch the house email list). If you wish to organize a screening, please see this page to find out which students have keys to the Golden Arm and can open it up for you on request.


Recently reopened, the grille boasts great burgers and sandwiches, a large selection of malts and smoothies. And mozarella sticks! Crimson Cash accepted.

Junior Common Room

All members of the house are permitted access to the Junior Common Room, which is located in H-entry. Although the JCR may be reserved for study breaks and meetings of HoCo and other special groups, it is primarily intended for conversation, browsing, board games, or playing the room’s Steinway piano. Direct all reservation inquiries to Sue Weltman in the House Office.


A kitchenette is located on the ground floor of H-entry opposite the Memorial Dining Room. The key is available through the Building Manager’s office and the room may be reserved in advance through the website. Any person using the kitchenette is responsible for clean-up.

Laundry Room

Washers and dryers for House members’ use are located in the basement of I entry and are owned and operated by the Maytag Company. HoCo retains a portion of the receipts from the high-capacity, ultra-energy-efficient machines, which accept both quarters and Crimson Cash. The laundry facilities are available 24 hours a day. Machine malfunctions may be reported to the Building Manager’s office or directly to the vendor, whose phone number is posted in the laundry room. It is also necessary to call this number in order to request a refund due to a machine malfunction.


Located on the second floor of C entryway, Eliot's stately library provides access to a wide range of resources including a decent assortment of musical recordings (mostly classical LPs), a modest-but-growing DVD and videocassette library, several current periodicals, and an overwhelmingly eclectic collection of books and manuscripts. HoCo has made the House’s extensive DVD/VHS collection available to all students. Rentals are free, though one must leave a one-time $20 deposit with the Eliot House Library. Deposits should be checks, which will not be cashed unless delinquent payment is required.

Spring 2009 Hours:
Sunday - Thursday: 11:00am - 2:00am
Friday and Saturday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Memorial Dining Room

The Memorial Dining Room, on the ground floor of H-entry, given in memory of Thomas S. Gates, III, 56, William C. Boyden, III, ‘57, and Myron Timothy Herrick, ‘57, allows small groups to meet for meals. Both formal and informal groups may reserve the room, which comfortably seats twenty people. Ordinarily, students simply bring their dining hall tray into the small dining room, but specially priced catered meals may be arranged with Harvard Dining Services. Language tables are also hosted here.

Music Spaces

The Kennard Room, used for recorded music, and given in memory of Robert M P Kennard, Jr, ‘55, is on the second floor of C-entry, opposite the Library check-out desk. It is open during all Library hours and may be used by those seeking soothing background sounds to accompany their reading, as well as those intent on serious music study. In addition to this, the SCR contains a harpsichord, the gift of a loyal friend of Eliot House, which may be used by qualified students. There is a piano practice room in the basement (T10, located under B/C entry), and in the Tower. Keys are available through the Building Manager’s Office. And, oh yes, Eliot even has its own drumset in room S15 (under E entryway) for use by house members. The room has double padded walls to save the residents of F and enough space to fit a (small) band. Storage space for other instruments is available across the hall.

Paul Gilligan Weight and Exercise Room

If you would like to avoid the MAC and work out at Eliot instead, visit the newly renovated weight room, containing ergonometers and other exercise equipment for student use. The Weight Room is located in the basement between D and F-Entries.

Photography Studio and Classroom

The house maintains a modestly large darkroom in the basement of F-entry. Workshops on photography and development can be arranged in response to student need and demand. Qualified students may obtain access to the darkroom and developing chemicals for a yearly fee. Contact Resident Tutor Esther Yoo to request access.

Tower Room

The tower room is accessible through H entry, and contains a grand piano given to the House by one of its best-known alumni, Leonard Bernstein. It also boasts a notoriously fickle lock; those brave enough to climb the stairs are well-advised to both bring a cellphone, and maybe have a friend around to let you out in the semi-likely chance you become trapped. Inquire about access in the Building Manager’s Office.

TV Room

The room across from the EWC office (T-27) is the home of the new Television. It is a space separate from the Grille that provides the proper cinematic atmosphere for your TV and movie watching.


Eliot House has its own non-resident tutor for woodworking and design - George Kenty - who is in charge of the woodshop in the basement of D-entry. George holds classes designed specifically for Eliot house residents, about the fundamentals of woodworking and furniture design. In addition, students can gain access to the woodshop in order to work on projects at their leisure, provided they have successfully passed a safety orientation.

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